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Copper Peptide

Peptide-C Anti Aging Serum is packed with an abundance of antioxidant rich vitamins and over 90 trace elements which help prevent the formation of free radicals that contribute to signs of aging. Peptide-C’s nano copper peptides, citrus bioflavonoids, Vitamin C-ester and pure micronized (the highest quality available), blend to create a superior, scientifically proven anti aging serum unmatched within the industry. Peptide-C’s infusion of ingredients is formulated specifically to stimulate the production of new healthy collagen strands, hydrate and create a radiant youthful complexion. Peptide-C is also formulated to reduce existing wrinkles and the further development of wrinkles. We guarantee it!

Copper Peptide + Pentapeptide-3

We have combined all the anti aging compounds of our Peptide-C plus the collagen boosting benefits of Pentapeptide-3. Pentapeptide-3 has been clinically proven to regenerate the skin’s upper layers by stimulating collagen production. New healthy collagen strands are abundant in youthful skin. As we age our ability to reproduce these strands decreases and our skin becomes thin and lacks moisture. Pentapeptide-3 puts collagen growth into high gear. In vitro studies demonstrated an increase in synthesis of Collagen I by 212%, Collagen IV by up to 327% and Hyaluronic Acid by 267% from the use of PP-3.* Continued use of Pentapeptide-3 should help create new, healthy, elastic skin. We guarantee it!

Platinum & Pearl

This is our premier product. We have spared no expense to include the most scientifically advanced ingredients available including Platinum Nano Particles, Vitamin C- ester, 24ct. micronized gold, nano copper peptides and the potent antioxidant powers of crushed pearls. All these combined with our proprietary infusion of over 90 naturally occurring trace elements help to create a super powerhouse when it comes to fighting aging skin issues. We believe you will see significant results within weeks. Just a few drops daily will promote youthful, elastic, hydrated, healthy skin. We guarantee it!

Each bottle of Platinum & Pearl is made fresh as the order is received to maximize potency!

Papaya Enzyme Acne Treatment

Our new chemical free Papaya Enzyme Acne Treatment with copper peptides is an all natural, mineral based daily treatment that refreshes your skin and delivers a full range of natural Ph balanced elements in their purest form. Not only does our Papaya Enzyme attack bacteria from the epidermal skin layer but it also has the unique ability to flood your body with a full spectrum of nutrient rich elements, 90 natural trace elements to be exact. These are the same elements that make up healthy skin and minimize bacteria growth, the main cause of acne breakouts. Your face will feel incredibly clean and soft, refreshed and ph balanced like never before. Simply mist your face daily and watch your acne disappear.

Marine Complex Eyelash Growth

Our oil free Marine Complex Eyelash Growth Serum defines the cutting edge combination of nature and science. We have combined the true power of nature on a cellular level and the latest proven aspects of science to create an unbeatable eye lash growth powerhouse. Healthy hair needs a vast array of micro trace elements for proper function and growth, many of which are highly deficient in the human body. Our Marine formulation contains over 90 unique and vital trace elements. A few of the more critical natural elements are Boron, Calcium, Carbon, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Hydrogen, Iodine, Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Selenium, Silicon, Sulfur and Zinc. Combine these natural elements with the proven hair growth compounds of copper peptides and the circle of healthy hair growth is complete.

Under Eye Serum

Our under eye formulation was created to combine the natural compounds found in organic almond oil and kojic acid along with the proven skin enhancing benefits of copper peptides and the revolutionary collagen boosting powers of pure nano platinum particles. This is a powerful combination of science and nature designed to lighten and brighten the fragile skin membranes found under the eye.

Combine this with the cellular regeneration abilities of gold and you will see the dark circles begin to fade and be replaced with vibrant, youthful, healthy skin. We Guarantee It!

Copper Peptide Mud Mask

Nothing works better at absorbing impurities and toxins from the skin than a mud mask. Our copper peptide infused re-mineralizing mud mask is formulated to penetrate, detoxify, cleanse and re-mineralize your skin.

Unmatched Peptide-C Anti Aging Serum

A superior, scientifically proven anti aging serum unmatched within the industry!

Peptide C